Mixed Feelings

It’s hard to control my feelings for a girl like you. With a girl that is as hard working, sweet, beautiful, and smart you, you can’t blame me. As much as I want to throw my feelings aside and move on, I have found someone that I am willing to commit to and be persistent with. Even if that means I have to go through hell and back to win you over again. When I sit here and think about all the things you have done to me, I have thousands of reasons to turn my back and say “I’m done”. But being the Christian that I am, I have always gone to God with my questions. You have been the topic of many prayers, I have asked “why do I feel this way?” or “Show me a reason why I feel so strongly about her.” or even “please let me get over her!” But the fact that I still compare EVERY girl too you shows me that you are in my life for a reason. And I am not willing to give up on you.

I’m not going to say you, you, you, when I made a fair share of mistakes too. I feel that the hardest thing to accept is that my actions had a big role on how everything ended. I was so afraid to lose you that I became a different person, than the one you initially fell for. I couldn’t accept that sometimes people make mistakes, and it takes time to fix. When I made a mistake I couldn’t stand you being mad at me, so I would do ANYTHING to make you happy again. When I should have realized that all I needed to do was give you space and TRUST that you would forgive me. My own impatience and inability to let you be mad at me forced you to walk away. And it was until now, that I have a chance to take a step back and realize that I had changed, and that forced you to walk away.

For every reason that I have to just walk away, there are millions of feelings that say “don’t give up!  She’s worth it!” and I’m going to trust myself on this, and go with my gut feeling! In the short time we dated I’ve never had so many unforgettable memories! You have showed me what I want in a relationship and have taught me so much about myself and I can’t thank you enough. I know that there WILL be another day that I will call my mine. Another day that I WILL treat you the way a woman is supposed to be treated. Another day that I WILL give you my full and whole hearted respect. And another day that you WILL make me a better man. But for now its just another day that I WONT give up on you.



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I’d Give Anything

Lately I have had a lot of time to think. Time to think about all the good times we had together. I just can’t seem to shake you. From the first day we met on that dock, to Disney World, all the way through when we both departed and started our college lives, you have been my addiction. There has been times that we have not talked for months and with one text message you have me thinking about all these memories.lake jesup

I have developed a Love for docks since you walked into my life. It sounds odd, but lake docks played big roles in a lot of memories. We first met on a Saturday night, on a dock at overlook park. That night I had a chance to see just a glimpse of who you were. The fact that you still gave me your number after I shut your leg in the car door still amazes me! Smooth move on my part!

lake pickettOverall my favorite memories occurred on Lake Pickett dock. By the time we started to hangout there it was early November and the temperature got colder. Lake Pickett offered the silence of the woods, unlike the sound of the highway that overlook had. I would Give anything in the world just to go back and spend another night with you on Lake Pickett. I miss the sound of the crickets in the woods. I miss having to pick hairs out of my face when a swift wind came from across the lake. I miss hearing you sing to the songs that played softly though my phone. But mostly I miss laying on that dock together with you by my side, knowing that you had me since the day I met you.

I would do anything to have those days back. But for now I find myself just typing about all the good times we had.  WC 318night lake

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The Best Date Ever

When it comes to dates, I find myself to be a simple person! I am fine with just going out into the woods and sitting on a river bank waiting for the fish to bite. Although, the last date I went on had to be, hands down, the best date ever! It strayed away from the traditional dates of the guy paying for dinner and a movie.

I had been talking to this girl for over two months. She was a little horseback riding, church choir singing country girl, my DREAM girl. Because she sang in the church’s choir she was given two tickets to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Instead of bringing a friend or family member, she decided to take yours truly. I had not been to Disney World since I was about four or five years old, and at that age I was afraid to go on any rides, which meant that my previous view of Disney World had been a negative one. Because I grew out of my fear of rides, it made this experience at Disney even better. I was finally able to experience the famous rides that Disney world has to offer. Rides like Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean (we did NOT go on “it’s a small world”, I refused). The rides provided an adrenaline rush and easy conversation starters throughout the day.

The best part about the date was, ironically, the part of theme parks that most people hate, the lines. The lines that day were not obnoxiously long to the point where you became bored, but they were just long enough to have serious and meaningful heart to heart talks with the girl I had cared so much about. Every conversation brought us closer and closer.

After a long day of rides we both sat front row to witness the amazing firework show that Disney World puts on every night. Although listening to Jiminy Cricket narrate fireworks is not the ideal image of romance, it is moments like that that I will NEVER forget.  I will forever remember my heart racing when she asked me to go. I certainly can’t forget about all the stories that we shared that day, I REFUSE to forget how thrilled I was when just walking together turned into holding hands, and I will NEVER forget how that beautiful girl gave me the BEST date of my life.

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Why I Love Videogames

Its a waste of time. I have heard that as a gamer. But videogames go beyond just looking at a screen. Video games gives allow you to step away from life and all the worries of being an human, and lets you be WHATEVER you want. They also let you live different lives, that are only restricted to your imagination. From fighting dragons, too being caught in the middle of a battle field with tanks crawling all around you, videogames put you in control.video-games-reality

Video Games are essentially movies that you are the director of. Of course most games have a preset storyline in play, but you have the freedom to play through it however you want! Many games today give the players complete control of how they want to play. For example in the game The Last of Us, you are on a journey of a character named Joel and his teenage girl companion Ellie as they travel through a post apocalyptic world.  On the way you encounter other survivors, whose only goal is to kill you and loot your body for anything that could help them survive. You also run into humans that have been infected with a fungus that makes them want to kill everything and anything. The game allows you to craft weapons to make your journey easier! Also, the gamer gets a choice in tactics, if you want you can be a run and gun type of player. On the other hand you can take your time and use the resources around you to make your travel more easy. The option of choices in a videogame make them EXTREMELY immersive and addicting to play. Video games do an incredible job of getting you attached to the characters in the game. In The Last of Us the game designers did an AMAZING job of getting you on a personal level with all the characters, too the point that you feel an obligation to keep them safe. With any good game it is easy to get lost in the story, to the point that it feels like reality.

These games give people a chance to “get away” from everyday stress, and on the bright side its better than using drugs to “get away”.

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Life in Orlando has it all! It has a slice of the big city life and a heaping spoonful of southern living. I lived in northeast Orlando for over 18 years. Because I lived there so long I got to see everything that Orlando offered!OrlandoNightSkyline

Orlando Is known for their amazing theme parks! parks such as Disney, universal, Islands of Adventure, and Sea World. These parks became a big part of my life! Throw-out middle school I accumulated multiple year round passes to various theme parks! These parks became a tradition during the holidays. For example, my birthday is in September and for the past 6 years I have received Halloween Horror Nights tickets. My friends and I would always pick a specific date so we could all go together. it is a night full of your closest friends sharing stories, getting scared, and laughing at each other. Nights like that are never forgotten. To get to Universal Studios Halloween horror nights you have to go through City walk. If you are into bars, clubs, or music this is a prime destination. Orlando offers years and years of entertainment.universal-city-walk-orlando3

If you need a break from all the bright lights and roller coasters Orlando offers. There are multiple places where you can relax in the woods and make memories. If fishing is a passion of yours there is no better place to be than Orlando. With an abundance of lakes, creeks, and stocked retention ponds there is always going to be enough fishing holes and “secret spots” for you and your friends to go. Personally one of my favorite things to do was go camping with my best friends. We would always go out to Lake Harney and drive our trucks through the fields that often get flooded, which causes a hell of a fun time just to get out there. when we arrived at the campsite on Lake Harney we would drop my cousins boat in the water and set up a fire. We did not sleep in tents because it took too much effort to clean up in the morning. We then would call a bunch of friends to meet us at the Jolly Gator Fish Camp ( a bar that was about 2 miles up river from Lake Harney). After picking up everyone (sometimes having to take more than one trip to get everyone) we would all hang out around a fire and share stories and experiences with each other. Every now and again stopping to reel in the fish that has taken one of our lines that we had set. When the night would come to a close we would take everyone back to Jolly Gator. On returning to the camp we would all sit by the fire. Just my closest friends and myself, and we would share some of the deepest stories in our lives. Stuff that only best friends know about each other, Topics such as life struggles, girl problems, and Family issues. Those nights hold the closest and best memories in my heart.ISlobvauttktcz

Orlando has a slice of heaven for anyone! From fast pace live to Slow and relaxing. Orlando will always be home for me!


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Problems With Religion Today!!!!!!!!!

imagesAfter reading a bold title like that you are probably thinking that I am about to bash on christians for believing in “false gods”. If that is your assumption I am proud to say that you’re wrong! I am a PROUD christian myself and have a STRONG relationship with god!  Because of this I see a lot of the corruptions in some of the most major religions, I say this with a bitter taste in my mouth but i will preach you the truth about what I see.

In the society that we live in today we have been raised to believe that your religious beliefs can define who you are as a person. religion has started wars, taken lives, and has been used to oppress and dishearten people, all while the Good Word is intended to spread peace and love. The biggest problem that I see in some churches today is the fact that we rely on a preacher to tell us what to believe in, instead of reading the bible and interpreting it yourself. This issue was big in the days of slavery. Slave owners would bring their slaves to the services where they preach about obeying their masters. In contradiction they would have them miss the sermons about Moses leading the slaves through the red sea to freedom. the slave masters only brought the slaves to the sermons that would benefit them the most in the long run, by making the slaves believe that god intended them to be slaves. some pastors can use their sermons to lead people in the direction they want them to go. For example, if the church is running low on funds they can focus their sermons on the importance of giving money to the church. They even go as far as     My point is that if you are so passionate about your beliefs open a bible and interpret the stories how you see it, don’t rely on another person to tell you what to believe.

the term “I am a christian” has lost its power over the years. In today’s society being a christian  simply entails that you believe and god and that you go to church. In biblical times stating that you were a christian meant that every aspect in your life was christ centered. My life as a christian is more than just attending church on sunday. Christ influences my decisions in day to day life and that is the reason why I state my relationship with christ as a strong one.

I am breaking a cardinal rule of blogging by quoting someone, but there is a verse in a song that I listen to and I believe that it matches perfectly to my beliefs on pastors in the churches.

“me sitting in the pews, looking all confused,

listening to these hypocrites ensue.

they would say.

money is evil, if you make it you are satin bound

but we need an offering, pass the plate around” -Fuze The MC

click here to listen to the song. this verse is (1:25-1:41)

Word count: 512

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Is Football to Dangerous

With nfl_concussions_small this new information about head injuries and the prolong effects it will have on your life, should we continue to play sports that can put our lives in danger? sports especially are being put under the spotlight because of the rise in head injuries such as concussions. what steps have these sports taken to prevent lifelong injuries to their players? A sport such as football have taken dramatic leaps and bounds to protect their athletes.

football is a high speed sport with an abundance of hard brain shattering collisions. in a sport that has so many collisions how do they prevent brain injuries? the most important piece of equipment is their helmet. from the time football started the players word leather helmets to protect their head. Now players that are worried about brain injuries can wear helmets made out of Kevlar. the advances in equipment come with a downfall on its own, as players feel more safe they tend to play with more intensity which results in more injuries.  when equipment is not enough to keep the players safe the league had to step in and make a few rules to protect the players. commissioner Roger Goodell has enforced rules such as targeting  and leading with your head to be illegal. many players have been fined thousands of dollars for breaking these rules. for example, James Harrison of the Cincinnati  Bengals (previously on the Pittsburgh Steelers) has been fined over $100,000 in his football career for illegal hits to the head. Football has made big attempts at keeping their players safe buy upgrading equipment and enforcing new rules.  nfl-concussion


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