Why I Love Videogames

Its a waste of time. I have heard that as a gamer. But videogames go beyond just looking at a screen. Video games gives allow you to step away from life and all the worries of being an human, and lets you be WHATEVER you want. They also let you live different lives, that are only restricted to your imagination. From fighting dragons, too being caught in the middle of a battle field with tanks crawling all around you, videogames put you in control.video-games-reality

Video Games are essentially movies that you are the director of. Of course most games have a preset storyline in play, but you have the freedom to play through it however you want! Many games today give the players complete control of how they want to play. For example in the game The Last of Us, you are on a journey of a character named Joel and his teenage girl companion Ellie as they travel through a post apocalyptic world.  On the way you encounter other survivors, whose only goal is to kill you and loot your body for anything that could help them survive. You also run into humans that have been infected with a fungus that makes them want to kill everything and anything. The game allows you to craft weapons to make your journey easier! Also, the gamer gets a choice in tactics, if you want you can be a run and gun type of player. On the other hand you can take your time and use the resources around you to make your travel more easy. The option of choices in a videogame make them EXTREMELY immersive and addicting to play. Video games do an incredible job of getting you attached to the characters in the game. In The Last of Us the game designers did an AMAZING job of getting you on a personal level with all the characters, too the point that you feel an obligation to keep them safe. With any good game it is easy to get lost in the story, to the point that it feels like reality.

These games give people a chance to “get away” from everyday stress, and on the bright side its better than using drugs to “get away”.

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